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We do offer to buy or broker human hair! If we broker it we talk 20% of what we sell it for, and pay you via Paypal or Venmo

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We are seeking Hair Models! If you are looking for a change, to make some extra money, want to model, or all three you have come to the right place! Contact us for more details!

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“HairTrader made the hair buying easy! They brokered a deal for my 24” thick blonde hair for $2,000. After their fee I received $1,600. It was fast and easy. More then I hoped for!”-D

”Thanks to this site I don’t have to worry about my long hair. They literally took the weight off my shoulders. Thanks HairTrader!”-H

”I wanted to try modeling and I thought, Hey I have a lot of hair. I should hair model. HairTrader arranged everything. The best part  they worked to get me a shoot local to me. I could have made more had I been willing to travel, and travel would have been paid for. BUT for my first time the comfort of staying close to home was to much to pass up.“-A

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We love the fact that no two people are the same. And by that token neither are their hair needs. Our large selection is there to meet any need. Don’t have what you need? We can find it. 



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What We Offer

Fusion Hair: $175 - $2,195


The most common and longest lasting method uses 100% real human hair. It is applied to your natural hair using tiny attachments, creating an undetectable look that is easy to maintain. This look takes about 3 - 4 hours. 

Link Hair $175 - $2,195


This method uses color-coated link tubes that attach to your natural hair. This method uses no heat, glue or weaving and lasts about 3 months. It takes 3 - 4 hours, depending on how much hair you'd like. 

Weft Hair $650


Wefts are similar to clip ins, but far more permanent and virtually undetectable. Using skin-like micro-beads they attach to your own hair to create a seamless, natural look. This typically takes 1 - 2 hours to complete. 

Full Set Of Lashes $99 - $149


Including 70 to 90 lashes per eye. The process takes about 2 hours to complete. 

Lash Fills $35 - 95


Including 40 to 60 lashes per eye. The process takes about an hour to complete. 

Bottom Lashes $25


Including 10 to 20 lashes per eye. The process takes about 30 minutes to complete.